Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Wholesale fresh-cut potatoes are a very flexible option for your operation, whatever your needs. As one of the most versatile side dishes, you can make almost anything out of fresh-cut potatoes — however, cutting and peeling them can take up valuable time. At Keystone Potato Products, we offer numerous cuts and customization options to help you save time and money without compromising value.

Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Fresh-Cut Flexibility

Innovative Solutions for the Potato Industry

Keystone Potato Products has one of the industry’s most advanced potato processing plants, relying on our experience, familiarity with the potato industry and interest in innovative solutions and technology. With unmatched flexibility, Keystone Potato Products offers customers a variety of cut potato products, including slices, dices, quarters, halves, wholes and French fries perfect for your specific application.

About Our Fresh-Cut Potato Products

Fresh-cut potatoes are extremely versatile and there are nearly unlimited ways to cook them. Potatoes are a favorite side dish among Americans, especially those who love a good old-fashioned homemade meal. You can customize fresh-cut potatoes for your operation’s needs without spending precious time chopping them into the shapes you need.

You can make recipes with your fresh-cut potatoes like french fries, chips, hash browns, chili fries, stuffed potato skins or fillings for meals, like tacos and flatbread. Cook them in the oven, fryer, air fryer or on a pan and season them to your liking to add your own flair to every dish. Fresh-cut potatoes provide the perfect option for adding a layer of coziness to your operation.

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potato cuts chart
Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Types Of Potato Cuts

Our Fresh-Cut Potato Program
sliced potatoes cut


Flat, up to 1/2″ thick

Best for: Home Fries and Pot Pies

diced red potatoes


1/4″ to 1″ cube
Multiple sizes available

Best for: Boiling, Mashing, Salads, and Soups

potatoes cut into strips

French Fry

Standard ⅜” cut
Other sizes available

Best for: Frying or Air Frying to create a bright, light fry color 

ready peeled potato bag

Whole Peeled

Our Most Popular 

No waste and no peeling

Best for: Boiling and Mashing 

potato wedges

Wedge Cut

 Peeled or unpeeled wedge shapes

Best for: Baking, Frying and Air Frying

Fresh-Cut Potatoes
Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Looking For A Custom Cut?

Custom Cut Potato Solutions

You might need potato options that are more flexible. We are happy to work with you on providing the right solution for your needs. Some of our customized potato options include:

  • Quarters, dices, wedges, fries and whole-peeled potatoes.
  • Various potato varieties available – russet potatoes, red potatoes, yukon gold and more.
  • All cuts available with and without peel
  • Packed in poly bags or bulk totes
  • 14-day shelf life, from date of manufacture

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masser potatoes being pre-peeled in facility

Benefits of Ordering Fresh-Cut Potatoes

Ordering your potato products straight from Pennsylvania means you’ll get your potatoes faster. Keystone Potato Products is located close to Interstate 81 and has access to a fleet of 30 trucks so you can get wholesale cut potatoes delivered while saving time and money.

Quick shipping also means your potatoes arrive with increased freshness and a longer shelf-life, which is important when you order from fresh-cut potato suppliers. Our fresh-cut potatoes have a 14-day shelf life. 

Keystone uses the most efficient food processing equipment. Our equipment, which we primarily purchase from Idaho Steel Products, is designed to achieve maximum productivity with minimal maintenance so Keystone can pass our savings onto you, too.

Contact Keystone Potato Products for Your Fresh-Cut Potato Needs

Keystone Potato Products has the fresh-cut potatoes you’ve been looking for. Our operation prioritizes quality, sustainability and convenience to provide your operation with the potatoes you need. We are happy to hear about your specific potato needs so contact us today with any questions or thoughts!

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Fresh-Cut Potatoes
Fresh-Cut Potatoes
Fresh-Cut Potatoes
Locally-grown and Sustainable Potatoes

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