Potato Flakes and Flour

When you buy dehydrated potato products, you get the same real, delicious potatoes — just without any water. Dehydrated potatoes retain all their flavor and nutrition while remaining a flexible option for your operation. You can make everything from pasta to gluten-free baking products with dehydrated potato flakes and flour from Keystone Potato Products. 

Potato Flakes and Flour

Dehydrated Potato Flakes and Flour

In 2003, Keystone Potato Products launched one of the industry’s most advanced potato processing plants, building on a combined history of experience, familiarity with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified potato industry and interest in innovative solutions and technology. Keystone Potato Products offers flavorful dehydrated potato flakes and potato flour to meet the product specifications our customers require for a variety of food manufacturing processes.

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Potato Flakes and Flour

About Keystone’s Potato Flakes and Flour Products

All-natural potato flakes and flour give you numerous options for creating appetizing recipes and dishes.

Wholesale potato flour is made of just that — potatoes. The potatoes are cooked and dried to create a fine “dust” that works well as a thickener or when creating breading for different dishes. Potato flour is generally not rehydrated and is not ideal for cooking mashed potatoes.

While potato flour seems similar to potato flakes, the two products are different. Potato flakes are one of the most versatile potato ingredients out there and can be used in hundreds of different recipes. You can use them to make delicious mashed potatoes or as an ingredient in meals, like pizza crust, gluten-free baking dishes, stews or croquettes. 

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Potato Flakes and Flour

Keystone’s Customized Ingredient Options

Potato flour and flakes can add shelf life to your dishes and rich flavor to various meals. You can use potato flakes and flour as an ingredient in your dishes or contact Keystone Potato Products for customized ingredient options, such as:

  • Pasta
  • Processed snacks
  • Entrées
  • Thickener for meats and sauces
  • Binder for meat and fish products
  • Pierogies and knishes
  • Gluten-free bakery goods
  • Potato bread/rolls

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Benefits of Ordering Potato Flakes and Flour

There are several advantages to ordering from dehydrated potato flakes and flour suppliers, including cutting back on preparation time, saving money and retaining nutrition and quality.

When you order wholesale potato flakes and flour, you have a versatile ingredient that will become the backbone for lots of different recipes. They’re also much easier to store and rehydrate for even more options.

Additionally, ready-to-use potato flakes and flour can save you a lot of time and money. You’ll spend more time on cooking and less time on preparation — boiling, washing, peeling and cutting. Dehydrated potatoes are only missing water, meaning they retain all their nutritional qualities and stay as delicious as fresh potatoes.

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We enjoy making customized potato products to fit your company’s needs. Save time without compromising flavor or quality with the selection from Keystone Potato Products. If you have any questions about our options, contact us today!

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Potato Flakes and Flour
Potato Flakes and Flour
Potato Flakes and Flour
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